Lowbelly began in the summer of 1995 as a home 4-track recording project. Over the years it grew... more tracks, more toys, more instruments, more people. Always fun, nearly always instrumental. Appropriate for cocktail hour or bicycle commute. Mix and match for optimal enjoyment.


Lowbelly goes electro. Keep the jazzy bass, add equal parts drums and drum machines, layer it thick with disco guitar licks and squawky synth timbres, and you've got X. Why just X? Maybe a celebration of the 10th full Lowbelly album... maybe because we enjoyed the expert production from Chris Xefos... definitely because X markes the spot! Released in the final days of 2008.
FHM057 CD $10

A Phoenix Like This
A rock instrumental masterpiece 3 years in production. This collection features all the best jams from the Lowbelly "rock" sextet, including stratospheric guitar leads, sultry saxophone, ever-tighter rhythm elements and deft arrangements throughout. Professionally recorded and mastered, released 2006.
FHM053 CD $10

Hallowe'en E.P.
Tacked onto the Monster Dudes debut recording is Lowbelly's enigmatic Hallowe'en EP. Many of these compositions were commisioned for a series of Hallowe'en performances at Neurolux and Kramerica. Also included is "Because of the Boxes," a lost gem from The Letter L sessions. Much like Children of the Corn or Village of the Damned, this release properly introduces the children of Fort Hazel into the catalog. Released 2004.
FHM050 CD $8

The Letter L
"Lowbelly's music is magical, delightful and entirely unexpected... You feel like you're living in a clever touching indie movie" - The Idaho Statesman. This is the perfect Lowbelly record, period. A wonderful recording of the acoustic sextet, recorded with care over the course of two years at Kashimunji and professionally mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge. Released 2003.
FHM048 CD $10

The Number 12
Part outtakes from The Letter L sessions, part holiday four-tracking in Louisiana, part jazz experiment, all strange and beautiful. Compared to the previous oeuvre, this record is more electronic and experimental than average. Released 2001.
FHM041 CD $9

The Mysteriously Untitled Fourth Album
More Cartoon Jazz! From the happy Casio melody of the opening cut to the rain-drenched final fadeout, this collection gently carries a bittersweet undercurrent to your heart. Lowbelly has become more focused while keeping a healthy stylistic mix. Included are several new jazz and electronic songs, final versions (?) of the rock legacy, and tributes to Yes and Henry Mancini. Released 2000.
FHM032 CD $9

Solomon in G (petit pois)
A 9-song EP from Lowbelly featuring the last of the 8-track recordings. Many are attempted "professional" recordings of barnstormers from the 1998 live performances. This album best documents the transition from basement-dwelling studio experiment to fully-rehearsed performance group. Released mid-1999
FHM031 CD $7

Beefy, Leafy, Cha Cha Cha
Two disks, over two hours, over 60 tracks, 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes. Includes anthology of all the instrumentals from the first two cassettes, previously unreleased archive recordings, and many new songs. Released early 1999.
FHM027 2xCD $15

A live recording from the 9-piece mini-orchestra captured during the summer '98 tour. Includes random Casio gibber-jabber between songs. Released Fall 1998.

Lowbelly and Friends
Lowbelly accompanied by about 50 of their closest friends from around the country and beyond, long before advanced social networking technology was invented. "Fun, complex;" "great background music for partying with friends..." -misc. reviewers. Released Summer 1998.

Kady O'Gee
"I like listening to this, eating egg salad sandwiches and wishing it was summer and that there was a breeze coming in through the window, not garbage smell." -Gullible. Released Hallowe'en 1996
FHM008 Cassette OUT of PRINT

drums, guitars, banjo, toy piano, 3-string ukulele, Chinese flutes, maracas, reed organ and other various found objects. A charming introduction. Released early 1996.
FHM003 Cassette OUT of PRINT