Monster Dudes 7" record

Four tracks recorded in November of 2004 in the basement of Fort Hazel's HQ. This is an introduction to the MonsterDudes' rock n wrestle-era. Live drums, keys, skit, vocals and wrestling. Limited to 500, hand-screened covers.Co-Released 2005 with Fort Hazel, Deathbomb Arc, Sao Bento, Breaking World Records, Dying Is Deadly/Yosada, Cephia's Treat, Nothing Gets Worse Than This, Troniks, Hello Asshole, Nightpass Handmade Records, Rocking Horse, Weird Forest.
FHM051 7" $4
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Track Listing:
one side:
I Know That You're Okay mp3
There's Something Spooky Going On
The Mice Are Taking All the Cheese

another side:Hot Lava Bruises Water