Various Artists

Swallowed By Machinery, Volume 3
Well-received new comp. Worldwide participants with a slight NW USA emphasis. All DIY, all fun. Handmade, signed, numbered covers.
Released 2002
FHM045 CD $10

Track Listing:
The Lights: I'm a Dangerous Snake
Fusaine: Pferd Musik
Deerhoof: I Hear an Echo
Lowbelly: Violaine Moderato
Zann: talfahit ius Gluck
a radio with guts: the white trucks will ruin everything
bengeorge7: red dress on (lady with the)
ENE: crawly wrongside
Encompass and Stalemate: these stained red hands/ devoid of love
the band from bloody elle: go der
Department of Experimental Health: Bomb the USA
Mark Price: Call Me a Quitter, But I'm Still Getting Cuts
The Nels Cline Singers: Have A Bitchin' Summer
G. America: "Worlds Worst Kept Secret"
the predictors: the suddening
Tempus Fugit: le trajet