Various Artists

Here: A Fort Hazel Magic Compilation
The huge mega-comp featuring many of FHM label and distro artists. Most songs are only available here!
Released 1999
FHM018 CD $13

Friends of Enemies: Motor Joe
Sleep Capsule: Arm's Length Away
Shiny Beast: Hola
Zippy: Caffeine
The Left Coast: I wanna hurt someone
Fury III: I've done so many bad things
Fluke Starbucker: Social Revenge
Saint Red Star: something we both understood
The Hall Monitors: Chicago
Orifice: Strawbride
a radio with guts: Good Ol' Solid Oak
Mean Spirit'd Robots: Floating Star
31 Knots: Done With You
Racing Vent: South
Stuntman: The Problem with Tragedy
St. Satan: School Sucks/ Satan's the Best
Lowbelly: And Mysterious Pools
Ryan Adams: Poor Southern Girl
Regraped: Ultimate Ninja Test
Jalopaz: Behemoth
Moon Patrol: Ann Droid
Grant Olsen: Bottle of Beer
Weary Gentlemen's: Guilty Pleasure Music
Built to Spill: The Last Long Song
Trucker: Fire Woman